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Owen Wilcoxson

Wow. TJ knows his craft!! Felt he was honest and trustworthy right away. This company seems to be one that we will see around for a long time. Hands down best pest service I’ve had!!!

Matthew Leitner

I worked with him for a couple years and can testify that TJ is intelligent, kind, honest, and generous. Very nice young man.

Sue Pennington

We have had the owner of Reign Pest Svcs. come to our rescue many times. He has solved our pest problems every time. He always takes the time to listen carefully to what you need to have done and answers any questions you may have. He responds to every job on a timely basis, and we always feel that he will solve any pest problem we have...and he has. He's very friendly and knowledgeable, and we wouldn't think of calling anyone else.